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Vancouver’s Multapplied networks was founded in 2008 with the goal of “becoming a world leader in providing intelligent data network acceleration and reliability services.”  They offer their products through partners in three continents.

Their bonding technology can accommodate DSL, cable, fiber, wireless, and T1 connections of all different speeds and latencies.  They support data compression, which can increase your throughput up to fivefold.

Growing out of a collaboration between British Columbian internet firms Rocket Networks and Kerkhoff Technologies, their bonding technology was originally developed solely to sell to their own end-users…  But after four years, they realized its potential to help out other ISPs.  So, in 2012, they took on their current name and began to offer their services to other internet providers, assisting them in providing better internet for their customers by providing devices with which to combine multiple affordable connections.

Partnering with them is easy and provides tons of benefits: with a minimum of hassle, Multapplied partners can establish a worldwide network presence, and sell off-net links for some extra cash.

Their software is simple and easy-to-install as well: they operate on an open Linux platform and give partners root access.  And that’s not to mention the host of other benefits they offer, like advanced WAN data compression, LAN-to-CORE QoS for VoIP, link failure notification, and other interactive applications over bulk traffic.

Over the last few years, they’ve worked with a who’s-who of global service providers, including Australia’s Fusion Broadband, the UK’s Evolving Networks, and the US’s MetTel.

Multapplied does the world of bonded networking some great favors by offering up the technology to both end-users and distributors, letting the technology propagate on all levels, without limits.  After all, in the words of their website, “There is no limit to the number of connections that can be bonded.”