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The number of people using cloud computing is far greater than anyone expected, but bad service is still bottlenecking networks, and clinging to outdated infrastructure is still bleeding companies dry.  At the BNA, we know bonding is the best solution to this problem, but no one company can solve it on their own.  That’s why we’re highlighting TELoIP, without whom none of this would be possible.

The Canadian ISP was founded to innovate technology that would help deliver better internet to customers without increasing operating costs for service providers, and to that end, they were the first to develop ANA, a technology that, like MPLS, lets you converge all your services onto one network…  But with a much lower cost and a much greater reach.

This means better quality of service to the end user, no matter what type of connection they have, and no matter from what provider—that’s how they can promise acceleration four to ten times faster than a single connection.  And it works equally well with any type of network—DSL, T1, ethernet over power, you name it.

TELoIP partners are able to create branded service bundles that offer compelling combinations of speed, performance, reliability, and security at far lower costs than any comparable network.  That, in large part, is because of the convenience of managing it.  Like many bonded internet providers, they offer network management via their software package, meaning you get full control over how your network functions and the ability to tweak it to get the most speed for your money.  They even offer real-time QoE scores.

These services are delivered through just one piece of customer premise equipment that gives you control over the user quality of experience through their cloud management portal, a single platform that controls quality for all sites and services no matter what connection type or ISP you’re using.  In addition, they offer a support portal to help teams work together effectively to quickly diagnose and repair any issues that could adversely impact user quality of experience.  You can even prioritize traffic on your network, making their hardware ideal for VoIP and, as previously mentioned, cloud applications.  The system automatically avoids rate limits and jitter, as well.

In addition, their automatic failover promises 99.99% reliability, since the backup connection is always on in addition to your regular full-time bandwidth.  This makes them even better for the aforementioned applications, since there’s no change in IP address on failover, so users will stay connected even through local link outages.   In fact, it won’t even drop your VoIP calls.

In addition, service providers can reach customers across North America using their distributed point-of-presence network, currently based out of nine cities across the US and Canada, and they pledge to “quickly grow where you need them.”  Their infrastructure creates speedy multi-site networks with low latency and excellent WAN VPN performance, and the advantages only increase with the number of WAN sites.   Not to mention they’re the only company that does Proximal Aggregation, the most efficient method of WAN optimization and aggregation.

Finally, we also recommend you take a look at their excellent blog for more information on what they can do for your business and the continuing strides they’re making towards developing bonded internet.