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One of the leading bonded internet providers in the UK, Sharedband offers services for residences, businesses, resellers, and ISPs alike.  Their customers range from individuals to massive institutions.  Perhaps this is because their system is so simple and scalable.

Their service lets any given user bond up to six lines, bringing their customers maximum download speeds of up to 125 mbps, comparable to services that cost up to ten times more.

They’re a little different from many other bonding providers in that they use their own aggregation servers to bond the internet, as opposed to a device that’s kept in the end-user’s phone cabinet.  This is convenient for everyone involved, since—instead of a device that requires wiring or the setup of multiple circuits yourself—you simply connect a Sharedband routers to each line.  That’s why their service can be installed in minutes, and you can even do it yourself.

They offer all the benefits of more conventional methods of bonding, though…  Like bulletproof reliability, seamless failover (including failover from land lines to mobile networks), and fast, reliable service perfect for cloud computing and VoIP.  And you can monitor it all from their convenient web-based portal.

They offer several different plans aimed at accommodating every type of use.

For resellers, they offer an all-inclusive wholesale subscription service.  They’ll manage the delivery, tech support, software updates, and infrastructure themselves, letting their partners take the hassle out of reselling.

And for other ISPs, they offer the Sharedband Software License, a low-setup-cost solution that requires no changes to the service provider’s underlying infrastructure and minimizes operating costs by bonding with Sharedband’s servers.

They pride themselves on their universal availability, letting them bring fiber-quality speeds to areas where fiber isn’t available, including rural areas that have always been difficult to service with decent speeds.