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Founded in 2011 by Brian Brandon and Ryan Bonnell, Los Angeles’s vUnity is intended to be a true alternative to the cable monopolies.

Unlike Sharedband and appliance providers that sell to end-users, they only focus on business internet, running circuits from a fiber-lit d DSLAM at the central carrier office to the company that serves as the end-user.  Each circuit is then connected to ta 1U modem.  In order to make this work, the company has to be within a certain distance

However, the ambition and scope of their aims more than make up for their distance limitations.  They compete directly with Time Warner, Verizon, Comcast, and other cable providers (although they use their underlying circuits) to provide faster internet and more value-added features than any of those companies provide businesses.

Like most bonded networking providers, they take full advantage of the medium’s capacity to provide bulletproof reliability and seamless failover, letting them guarantee 99.99% uptime with all plans.  That’s not the only extra they offer their customers, though, with other, like protection from DDOS attacks, full Quality of Service for VoIP, and real-time network monitoring.  In addition to all that, they’re one of the few ISPs to offer 24-7 tech support by chat and email.

vUnity also prides themselves in particular on their commitment to privacy, encrypting customer data, anonymizing IPs, and being the only bonded ISP to refuse search warrants.   They were one of the few ISPs to come out in favor of Net Neutrality, and have taken further strides towards reaching out towards a modern customer base, like accepting bitcoin.

Finally, they’ve shown a constant interest in contributing to the advancement of bonded networking: they’re responsible for the development of the xUSB, and intend to start providing it standard with every new order.  They’re also working with multiple other ISP’s and tech companies to develop new bonded networking solutions.