Promoting Network Bonding Technology

Promoting Network Bonding Technology

At the BNA, we believe network aggregation is the best way to deliver reliable and affordable broadband to businesses and customers worldwide. By combining multiple connections, we can create networks with true diversity and the kind of reliability that only bonded internet’s seamless failover can provide. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to help the technology spread.


In many places, fiber optic services are either unavailable or prohibitively expensive, but ADSL2+, Cable, and LTE are easier to come by. Without bonding, however, networks can find themselves limited to a single connection, and in an ever-growing cloud computing environment, that’s often not enough to deliver the speeds modern applications increasingly require.


That’s where bonded networking comes in: by combining multiple independent links, networks can increase their performance and bandwidth without having to overhaul their infrastructure.

Bonded internet is affordable and easily accessible for most users, and even offers some advantages its competitors don’t. For example, other than the networking appliance, nothing needs to be installed anywhere on the premises. This slashes both the initial and operating costs, effectively bringing customers a much bigger pipe without any of the costs and hassle. In addition, the ability to use individual circuits as backups makes for seamless failover and very high reliablility.


The Bonded Network Association seeks to promote and distribute information about the latest in bonding technologies. And perhaps even more importantly, we connect buyers with technology providers and encourage the mainstream use of innovative new methods of networking. By helping to research and encourage the bonding of diverse circuits, like DSL, LTE, Fiber and Ethernet, we’re also helping create a more unified internet infrastructure.


For the Community:

  • Free resources and review on Hardware, Software and Open Source network bonding technologies.
  • Discounted hardware and software licencing
  • User forums

For the Service Provider:

  • Access to users seeking information on Network Bonding Technologies and sales opportunities
  • Access to an industry newsletter with useful industry information including market trends and reports
  • Priority access to development tools and beta code for network bonding technologies.
  • Select publishing of press releases and new product announcements.
  • Access to open source code.

Contact us today for more information on what we’re doing for bonded networking and the advantages of getting involved.